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Who we are.

With more than 20 years of experience in product development and our motivation to inspire people to become the best version of themselves, we are the brainheart behind YoRoller.

During development, we focused on the sustainable use of raw materials and placed innovation in the foreground. The use of kinetic energy instead of statig weights in fitness equipment has the potential to conquer not only the world, but also space.

Our team

Daniel Andrei


Daniel Andrei


Serban Andrei

Creative Director

Serban Andrei

Creative Director

Our history.

Fascinated by the property that kinetic energy can be stored in a flywheel, we looked for an innovative application for this physical principle. After intensive research, we became aware of fitness equipment that used Flywheels in the form of kimnetic energy, all of which had the same negative properties: The constructions were very heavy, oversized and extremely expensive, although the entire training force was generated only by a 2-3 kg flywheel.

Identifying this problem was the starting point for our solution, namely the development of a compact, lightweight and affordable, Flywheel workout station for the mass market. The idea of YoRoller was born.


The first concept, test of the moment of inertia, market research, development of prototypes 1 & 2.


We came up with the idea of building a modular training device. Further development, engineering, moment of inertia tests, prototype generation 3, functional tests.

Prototype generation 4 and 5, industrial design, intensive internal tests with remarkable results, marketing concept, website, films.

​17. November 2017

German patent application. Cooperations with personal trainers and physiotherapists.


Invention and development of the PROfessional variant with an accessible interior.

​14. February 2018

Second german patent application

April 2018

Market presentation of the “TiRoller”, the first “portable flywheel training station”, as a device for conditional training, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, at the FIBO in Cologne.

Invention and further development of the core of the device to ensure convenient assembly, monitoring and practical replacement of the band.

22. April 2018

Securing the intellectual property of the new invention.

16. November 2018

PCT application WO2019097027A1 claiming first German priorities.

​January 2019

YoRoller receives the “ISPO Brand New Award 2019!” In the category “FITNESS” .

23. MAY 2019

Publication of the PCT application.


National and regional patents based on the PCT application have been applied

Company foundation – start of production.


Market re-entry.

"We focused on the essentials, invented and developed YoRoller."

Daniel Andrei