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What is behing

The training with Flywheel technology in the form of kinetic energy is an innovative development in the field of sport and physiotherapy. Instead of conventional weights, you train with flywheels that work independently of gravity. Every movement is made up of two phases: Every movement is made up of two phases:

Phase 1 – concentric movement: By pulling the handle, the flywheel is set in rotation and accelerated and stores kinetic energy. As soon as the band is completely rolled up, it is pulled back from the flywheel, like a yo-yo.

Phase 2 – eccentric movement: When the band is pulled back, it has to be braked through body resistance. Then the concentric phase starts again automatically.

At the turning point between the concentric and eccentric phase, there is a noticeable effect throughout the body. The energy that is generated can be directed to the desired bodypart. Individual muscles can be isolated with precise accuracy. As soon as you get used to the movement, you can continuously adjust the intensity of the training.

A training device for the home and on the go

Thanks to the universal adapter, it is very easy to attach YoRoller anywhere, for example on trees, railings or pillars. In addition, an ergonomic grip is included, which can be easily exchanged. It can be used with one or both hands.

YoRoller is compact and light but can achieve training effects of up to 100 kilograms.

Clinical studies on Flywheel training

Numerous scientific studies confirm the effectiveness of Flywheel training, which is why this method is used by top athletes and physiotherapists. The special thing about Flywheel training is the eccentric contraction – a phaser that does not exist in training with gravity which is only limited to concentric contraction. The interaction between the eccentric and concentric phase also enables faster rehabilitation and preventing injuries.

Further information & studies

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Mens Health

"A very innovative, multifunctional device. Endurance, strength and mobility are gently enhanced. I rated all aspects with a score of 8 to 10. "

Barbara Klein

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Vasper / Peter Wasowski